Hello there. We are Jim and Vicky.

This wee beauty is Florence

And this is home. More info below.

We’re an internationally renowned husband and wife team based in Queenstown, New Zealand. Having travelled all over the world chasing winters together, this is where we’ve created our nest.

Jim’s the shooter.

Vicky’s the admin hero, in reality, the boss. She also shoots too, mostly for fun and the occasional wedding with Jim.

Jim likes his landscapes (built or natural), hunting for moments, snowboarding, adventures, laughing with friends and buying new camera gear.

Vicky likes to keep an eye on Jim’s buying of new gear, making sure the admin is all correct and looking through Jim’s editing with a ‘female’ eye. She’s also the most creative and beautiful person Jim knows.

Jim loves to travel and really can’t get enough of shooting in new places, the wilder the landscape and weather, the better. Though he’ll happily put up with a wedding in Bora Bora or downtown Stockholm.

Vicky’s very happy to manage the nest though will happily put up with Bora Bora too.

We take great pride in providing an informal, relaxed and enjoyable photography experience. The way we see it, our job is to capture the authentic moments that make up your story, using candid and emotional imagery. We’re also slightly obsessed with sniffing out unique and creative locations.

And although we’ll want to know the when, where and who, we’ll also treat the day organically and with fresh open eyes. It’s all about the weather and light, the setting, the people and most of all, it’s about you two.

If you think we could be a match, we’d love to hear from you HERE.


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PS thanks to the awesome Fer Juaristi & APARAT Photography for the pics of Jim & Vicky.