Amanda and Scotts wedding was chockers full of laughter, rain, sunshine, moody clouds, tears, church, children, great wine, paintings, pub, classic bus, autumn, good people, flowers, wedding dress, mountains, top food and a heap more.

To make it easier to figure out where I’m going with this, have a look for yourselves…

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A big thumbs up to these heroes.

Minister – Rev. Christopher Tweddell

Wedding planning and styling Р Simply Perfect Weddings

Venue – St Paul’s Arrowtown and Thomas Brown’s Gallery

Hair – Beautiful Bridal Hair

Makeup – Body Sanctum

Cake – Raeward Fresh

Transport – Remarkable Experience

Catering – Artisan Catering

Florist – The Flower Room

And a massive shout out to my good friends Amanda and Scott. Huge congrats!