I love travelling to new spots for weddings. Its the thrill of hunting out awesome locations, the enjoyment of working and making friends with new suppliers and of course I do enjoy taking wee Florence for an adventure through the country.

I first met with Sarah and James at their friends wedding earlier this year in Ohau. As soon as I saw them busting some serious moves on the dance floor that night, I knew their wedding was going to be tops. Combined with a great hangout together in Auckland, I was super looking forward to this wedding.

And it didn’t disappoint.

Have a look for yourself.

S & J Wed-104S & J Wed-114 And here are the ingredients used to make this day awesome; Venue: Cossars Wineshed, Tai Tapu (Christchurch) Video: Lovelight Cinema and Photography Celebrant: Hamish Galloway Dress Make: Sarah’s sister, Tamyra Matthews Perfume: Stella McCartney – L.I.L.Y. Shoes: Kathryn Wilson Caterers: Lizzie’s cuisine Florist: Roses from Moffats flower company ltd, bouquets by Cari Matthews (Sarah’s Mum), buttonhole by Cath Withers (Grandma) Cake: Made by Cari Matthews ( Sarah’s Mum) Make up and Hair: Marissa Waddington European make up artist and stylist Floral robes for bride and bridesmaids made by Cari (Sarah’s Mum) Bridesmaids dresses made by Tamyra  (Sarah’s sister) Bowties made by James, Sarah and Cari And of course a massive congrats to my new buddies Mr and Mrs Firman.


Just wonderful photos, they obviously capture both the day and Sarah and James so well, it was almost (*almost*) as good as being there with them. Thanks for doing such a great job!

Barbara Matthews

What stunning photos of our beautiful niece and James. Can’t wait to see Sarah and James in December to look at the photos again with their personal commentary. Thanks for capturing the day for us family members across the world – so we can also feel part of the celebrations. Love being able to see “joy” and “laughter”

These photos are amazing! Thank you Jim for being part of our day and for making it so special. We enjoyed every moment working with you and feel that we have made a new friend. We will look back at these photos for a long long time and be able to remember all the special moments, words, love, laughter and fun that we shared with our friends and family. Thank you!

Tim and Cari Matthews

These are the most magnificent wedding photographs we have ever seen! Jim, you are amazing. Not only are the photos beautiful, but they perfectly capture the spirit of the day – you can hear people laughing and a saying aaaahhhh…, you’ve got those poignant moments and the joyful tears, the precious memories, hilarity and serious fun. You are also a really nice person and we enjoyed your company so much. Thank you for doing such a brilliant job! PS Florence is cool!!

WOW alright! What sensational pictures that truly capture the awesomeness of you two. The laughter/love/friends/family that you guys are all about shines through the whole albumn – perfect!

I dig it, good work Jim, congrats to the lovely couple too, looks like a great day.

WOW!!! Takes us back to last weekend….. the best weekend of our lives.
You have done such a great job with these, couldn’t have picked a cooler, friendlier and more talented photographer! You captured all the laughs, tears and special moments.
Thanks for capturing such an amazing story of our day.

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