So sometimes the weather doesn’t play fair for a wedding and I’m not going to tell a porky, Katherine and Rowan indeed experienced a dash of weather. Did it change their meticulously laid plans, yeah, did it negatively impact their wedding?

Heck no.

I’ve never experienced a wedding where they shrugged off literally days and days of work and just got on with having the best day of their lives. Mud, rain and all.

It was amazing.

This is a particularly long story, so I strongly suggest filling your glasses, pop some great tunes on and enjoying this awesome tale.

A huge thank you to Katherine and Rowan for being the best couple to stand in an ankle deep muddy crop field ever. To the awesome Bridesmaids and Groomsmen for being such good company and sports. And to the Skurr and Armstrong families for being so welcoming and making me feel like a family friend the whole day.  And Stu I totally love your sheds and collections.