There’s an interesting looking road that comes off the main Highway between Lake Tekapo and Burkes Pass, on the edge of the mighty Mackenzie Basin (Central South Island). It’s by a little place called Dog Kennel Corner and has a signpost leading to, well not much really.

But I’ve always wanted to do a roadtrip down it and just see where it takes me.

A few weeks back I got the chance. And it was incredible. It led to a whole load of awesome.

Here’s the story of Zoe and Brad’s amazing wedding, located up and down the road Zoe grew up on…

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Thanks to these wedding guru’s;

Celebrant – Carol Simcox

Locations – Curraghmore Woolshed, Streamlands Station, Haldon Road

Cake Maker – Sarah Scott

Make Up – Tammy Wright

Hair – Olivia O’Sullivan

Flowers – Lisa Gilmour

Caterer – Barb Adams

Music – Double Talk

And of course a massive shout out to Zoe and Brad for the amazing chance to hang with you both and the gang down Haldon Road. Congrats!



Beautiful work Jim. Love the black & white sunset shots.

Thanks Jim and Vicky for all your organising to get to us and take such fabulous, amazing photos! We love them!