Jakub and I were super excited about this Mount Cook wedding.

For me it was a chance to shoot in a few of my favourite and magical places, Lake Tekapo, the Mackenzie high country and most of all the spectacular that is Mount Cook.

For Jakub it was the chance to shoot with me, ha, no. It was the chance for the talented Melbourne based wedding photographer to shoot a wedding in the epic of New Zealand’s Mountains.

Now add an amazing couple, an incredibly beautiful chapel, a surprise helicopter to the snow (for Shanel at least, try keeping that secret) and a bunch of awesome friends and family, and you’ve got a hero wedding.

Hit play, sit back and check out what we saw…

New Zealand Wedding New Zealand Wedding Mount Cook Wedding_0015 New Zealand WeddingMount Cook Wedding_0065Mount Cook Wedding_0006Mount Cook Wedding_0067Mount Cook Wedding_0005Mount Cook Wedding_0066Mount Cook Wedding_0053Mount Cook Wedding_0007Mount Cook Wedding_0012Mount Cook Wedding_0008Mount Cook Wedding_0009Mount Cook Wedding_0060New Zealand WeddingMount Cook Wedding_0011Mount Cook Wedding_0070Jim Pollard Mount Cook Wedding_0071New Zealand WeddingQueenstown WeddingMount Cook Wedding_0059New Zealand WeddingNew Zealand Wedding Mount Cook Wedding_0017 Mount Cook Wedding_0018 Mount Cook Wedding_0019 Jim Pollard Mount Cook Wedding_0021 New Zealand WeddingMount Cook Wedding_0056Mount Cook Wedding_0025Jim Pollard Mount Cook Wedding_0058Mount Cook Wedding_0057Mount Cook Wedding_0026 Mount Cook Wedding_0055New Zealand Wedding Mount Cook Wedding_0028 Mount Cook Wedding_0029Mount Cook Wedding_0073Mount Cook Wedding_0072Mount Cook Wedding_0035 Mount Cook Wedding_0032New Zealand WeddingJim Pollard Mount Cook Wedding_0036 Queenstown Wedding PhotographerNew Zealand Wedding New Zealand Wedding New Zealand Wedding New Zealand Wedding New Zealand Wedding New Zealand Wedding New Zealand Wedding Mount Cook Wedding_0046 Mount Cook Wedding_0068Jim Pollard


A huge thanks to my friend Jakub from Aparat Photography, mate it was epic.

And a massive hi five to our friends Shanel and Chris and their lovely friends and family for the opportunity to capture their story and for making us feel so welcome. 

Congrats again!

Ceremony: The Church of the Good Shepherd,  Tekapo

Reception: The Hermitage

Florist: Ruth Orange

Hair and Make Up: Nicole King & Emma Scott – Alice Hair, Wanaka




These are amazing….! You have captured every single feeling we had on our wedding day in the most spectacular way! Thank you so very much xxx I have a husband who is a hottie!! Thanks for helping me show him off to the world Jim, I love him heaps…. You have made our entire wedding journey epic, and retold it in a way that no one else ever could have!! Thank you a million times over (times infinity hehe) x

Wow, wow and wow! Thank you so much Jim you have captured the most amazing photos of our wedding it was a truly spectacular day that just felt so surreal!

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