Ohau, as you may well know, is without doubt one of my favourite destinations for weddings in the world – fact.

This also means it’s very familiar with me and this, as a creative, creates a set of it’s own problems, mainly trying to come up with locations that are new to me and my friends.

The excellent Amelia and Lofty (Christaan to his Mum) gave me free reign to go forth and scout to my hearts content. I found somewhere that really really worked for me. Mountains, wind, #destinationrock, tussock, vista, light and clouds. Insert Amelia and Lofty and I got classic awesome.

Thanks guys, I loved every minute of your big day. And here’s a little of what I encountered…



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Massive thanks to these heroes;

Celebrant:  Alex Witten-Hannah

Venue and caterers:  Ohau Lake Skifield and Lodge

Cake:         Nicola Gray and Tracy Gunn

Flowers     Jasmine Clark

Hair:          Kristin Murray

Make Up: Wendy Davison

A huge congrats to the awesome Amelie and Lofty. You guys totally rule thanks for the chance to hang.