So my mate Stefan (Stefan Hellberg Photography = epic) and I were chatting one day on the World Wide Web.

“Man we should shoot together sometime.” Says Stefan.

“For sure!” Says I.

“I have a wedding in a village, by a lake in the Swiss Alps, you can only get to it by gondola!” Says Stefan. “There will cows with bells, men with big horns, lots of cheese and a very very cool couple!”

“Dude, I’m there.”

And that is pretty much how I found myself in an insanely beautiful mountain landscape in the Swiss Summer, shooting an incredibly awesome wedding full of everything that Stefan promised and sooo much more.

This is my take on that day….

Melchsee Frutt Melchsee Frutt Queenstown Wedding Photographer Queenstown Wedding Photographer Queenstown Wedding Photographer Queenstown Wedding Photographer Swizterland Wedding Photographer-13 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-4 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-14 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-20Swizterland Wedding Photographer-22Swizterland Wedding Photographer-28Swizterland Wedding Photographer-31Queenstown Wedding Photographer Swizterland Wedding Photographer-33 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-34 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-39 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-36 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-41 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-43 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-45 Jim PollardJim PollardSwizterland Wedding Photographer-54Queenstown Wedding PhotographerMelchsee FruttMelchsee FruttSwizterland Wedding Photographer-27Melchsee Frutt Swizterland Wedding Photographer-64 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-63 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-65 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-67 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-72 Jim Pollard Swizterland Wedding Photographer-75 Melchsee Frutt Swiss WeddingQueenstown Wedding Photographer Swizterland Wedding Photographer-79 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-1-6 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-1-3 Jim Pollard Swizterland Wedding Photographer-1-8Queenstown Wedding Photographer Swizterland Wedding Photographer-69 Melchsee Frutt Melchsee Frutt Swizterland Wedding Photographer-92 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-96 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-97 Swizterland Wedding Photographer-99 Queenstown Wedding Photographer Jim Pollard Queenstown Wedding Photographer Swizterland Wedding Photographer-108 Queenstown Wedding PhotographerSwiss Wedding Photographer


A huge thanks to Stefan Hellberg for the chance to hang with him, the guy is a rockstar.

And most of all a massive thanks to Stefan and Michèle for the opportunity to experience this amazing wedding.  Congratulations again guys, just incredible. 

Location: Frutt Lodge and Spa, Melchsee Frutt, Switzerland




Wonderful work Jim, love the way you’ve told the story – especially the diptych with Stefan and Michele :)

Sabine Schlicht

So amazing pics. They look so natural, great work!!

This is bloody amazing man. Stunning work!

Winner. Always so amazing, Jim!!!

Just stunning Jim!!! Love the cow too!

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