No helicopters, no mason jars filled with moss, none of that kinda stuff required. Just a bunch of good people, a heap of the homemade awesome and a touch of beautiful scenery and we got us an epic wedding story.

Oh and add the most amazing brownie – ever. Ever.

Ladies and Gent’s here’s what I came across on Holly and Ben’s big day…



Holly-001Holly-002Holly-003Holly-005Holly-006Holly-007Holly-009Holly-011Holly-001-7Holly-002-2Holly-013Holly-018Holly-014Holly-015Holly-016Holly-017Holly-019Holly-023Holly-024Holly-026Holly-027Holly-028Holly-029Holly-031Holly-032Holly-033Holly-034Holly-036Holly-037Holly-038Holly-039Holly-020Holly-040Holly-043Holly-044Holly-049Holly-045Holly-046Holly-047Holly-048Holly-050Holly-051Holly-052Holly-053Holly-054Holly-055Holly-056Holly-057Holly-001-2Wanaka WeddingHolly-059Holly-063Holly-064Holly-065Holly-066Holly-060Holly-062Holly-067Holly-068Holly-069Wanaka WeddingHolly-073Holly-078Holly-079Holly-080Holly-081Holly-083Holly-087Holly-088Holly-091Holly-094Holly-095Holly-097Wanaka Wedding


A bug ups to the following Wanaka Wedding community heroes for making this wedding so Holly and Ben’s.

Celebrant – Sean Pawson (Ben’s Dad)

Venue – Maple Lodge, Wanaka

Caterers – Raspberry Creek

Florist – Lynne (Holly’s Mum)

Cake – Holly and Celia ( Bridesmaid)

Make Up – Janine Joseph

Hair –¬†Absolutely Fabulous Hair

Bowties – Kiff Knot

Of course a whopping congrats to Holly and Ben. I had a blast with you and your crew. 



Jim, your ability to capture not only amazing images but the real feel and emotion of the day is second to none.
Your creative genius not only helped make the day itself but has really let us relive each moment.

These pics have already ensured that there’s been almost as many smiles and laughs as there was at the time.

Love your work mate.

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