No helicopters, no mason jars filled with moss, none of that kinda stuff required. Just a bunch of good people, a heap of the homemade awesome and a touch of beautiful scenery and we got us an epic wedding story.

Oh and add the most amazing brownie – ever. Ever.

Ladies and Gent’s here’s what I came across on Holly and Ben’s big day…



Holly-001Holly-002Holly-003Holly-005Holly-006Holly-007Holly-009Holly-011Holly-001-7Holly-002-2Holly-013Holly-018Holly-014Holly-015Holly-016Holly-017Holly-019Holly-023Holly-024Holly-026Holly-027Holly-028Holly-029Holly-031Holly-032Holly-033Holly-034Holly-036Holly-037Holly-038Holly-039Holly-020Holly-040Holly-043Holly-044Holly-049Holly-045Holly-046Holly-047Holly-048Holly-050Holly-051Holly-052Holly-053Holly-054Holly-055Holly-056Holly-057Holly-001-2Wanaka WeddingHolly-059Holly-063Holly-064Holly-065Holly-066Holly-060Holly-062Holly-067Holly-068Holly-069Wanaka WeddingHolly-073Holly-078Holly-079Holly-080Holly-081Holly-083Holly-087Holly-088Holly-091Holly-094Holly-095Holly-097Wanaka Wedding


A bug ups to the following Wanaka Wedding community heroes for making this wedding so Holly and Ben’s.

Celebrant – Sean Pawson (Ben’s Dad)

Venue – Maple Lodge, Wanaka

Caterers – Raspberry Creek

Florist – Lynne (Holly’s Mum)

Cake – Holly and Celia ( Bridesmaid)

Make Up – Janine Joseph

Hair –¬†Absolutely Fabulous Hair

Bowties – Kiff Knot

Of course a whopping congrats to Holly and Ben. I had a blast with you and your crew.